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Full Mouth Consultation

Whether you come to our practice with a pain in your mouth, or just for a general check-up, we take a good look at your full mouth, including gums and pockets, to ensure we provide you with the most appropriate treatment/prevention you might require. It is recommended that you have your dental check-up every 6 months to detect early stages of tooth decay or gum disease.

At the consultation, we use digital x-ray to check the hidden areas deep down…roots and bones that are not visible otherwise. Taking an x-ray is crucial for detecting tooth decay and periodontal disease.

During your routine dental visit we will examine your entire mouth (teeth & gums), head and neck area:


  • Check your teeth for decay, faulty fillings, cracks and wear.
  • Check your gums to ensure that they are healthy. Bleeding gums is a sign of gum disease.
  • Cheek bones, cheeks, tongue, palate and other parts of the mouth and face for any unusual swellings or surface changes.
  • Give you advice on, your diet, smoking and alcohol use and any teeth-cleaning habits.
  • Update your medical history. Many diseases can affect your mouth and teeth. For example, people with diabetes are at a higher risk of developing periodontal disease.
  • Update your medication with dosages. Some medicines cause dry mouth, which can increase the risk of cavities. An updated medication list will ensure that any drugs we prescribes doesn’t interact with drugs you are already taking.
  • Take X-rays when necessary. Normally every 24 months for decay screening. X rays can be very helpful in detecting dental problems which may not be apparent during the clinical examination.

For a Full Mouth Consultation come and see us at Blackburn Clinic Dental Centre.